Jan 08, 2018

Freedom Partners and Americans for Prosperity Launch New Campaign Urging Congress to Pass Right to Try Legislation

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, VA —Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Americans for Prosperity, is announcing a campaign urging Congress to pass federal Right to Try legislation that will provide thousands of terminally ill patients access to potentially life-saving experimental medication and treatment.

In a letter to House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden delivered today, Freedom Partners wrote, “The House Energy and Commerce Committee has the opportunity now to give hope to these families and patients who are facing the most dire circumstances, and we urge you to seize it.”

Click below to watch a new digital ad, “PASS RIGHT TO TRY.”

Currently in America, millions of terminally-ill patients and their families are denied potentially life-saving treatments because they have not yet cleared the entire FDA approval process. Right to Try legislation would allow terminally ill patients the ability to try experimental medication and treatment that have passed phase I of the FDA approval process, but are not yet available on pharmacy shelves. Although 38 states have already passed their own Right to Try legislation, many patients are still unable to receive the care they need because of fears that federal regulators will override state laws.

Right to Try has passed with overwhelming bipartisan support at the state level and already cleared the U.S. Senate by a voice vote. And just last week, Politico reported that Vice President Mike Pence “has become increasingly engaged” in encouraging the House of Representatives to pass Right to Try legislation. According to Right to Try supporters, the vice president’s engagement on the issue may help push the measure over the finish line.

Freedom Partners executive vice president Nathan Nascimento issued the following statement:

“It’s hard to think of a better way to start the new year than by delivering hope to millions of terminally ill patients and their families by passing Right to Try legislation. Congress is at the one yard line of approving this common-sense legislation that will make it easier for terminally ill patients to access increased medication and treatment options that could make a difference. The last step is to move the legislation out of committee and it will pass.”

David Barnes, the policy director for Generation Opportunity added:

“As evidenced by the overwhelming number of states that have signed Right to Try legislation, with the support of both Republican and Democratic governors, it’s clear that virtually everyone agrees that the government shouldn’t get in the way of potentially life-saving medical treatment and medication. Chairman Walden has a unique opportunity to help push federal bipartisan Right to Try legislation across the finish line.”

The FDA drug approval process can take up to 15 years. And even for the lucky few that are selected for clinical trials under the FDA’s Compassionate Use program, the application process is complicated, time consuming and expensive.

The campaign will include digital ads, info-graphics, research, social media engagement and direct outreach to lawmakers highlighting the heartbreaking crisis that so many individuals and their loved-ones face today.

For more information please read: Right to Try: A Healthcare Reform that Can Save Lives & If FDA Can’t Speed Up Drug Testing, then Give Patients a Right to Try.