Sep 17, 2018

Freedom Partners: China Tariffs ‘All Pain, No Gain’ for American Businesses, Workers

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, VA – Today, the Trump administration announced implementation of new U.S. tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese products.

Freedom Partners Executive Vice President Nathan Nascimento made the following statement:

“These tariffs are ‘all pain, no gain’ for American businesses and workers. Countless American employers weighed in on this idea during the comment period and told the administration these tariffs would be job-killers. Unfortunately, their pleas have fallen on deaf ears. If Washington continues to escalate this senseless trade war, it won’t be long before we begin to see a reversal of the economic gains made through tax reform and regulatory relief. The American people will continue to pay the price for these destructive policies.”



  • Four major U.S. tech companies recently sent a letter to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative warning that new China tariffs could lead to U.S. job losses.


  • For examples of the destructive impact of tariffs, check out Freedom Partners’ Tariff Tracker blog.


  • Freedom Partners supports the administration’s stated goal of achieving a ‘zero tariff’ trade policy and will continue to advocate for the elimination of tariffs and trade barriers.