Aug 06, 2018

Freedom Partners Commends Senate Bill to Address Tariffs Based on National Security

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, VA – With tariffs already raising the price for steel, aluminum, and threatened against many cars – all under the premise of protecting national security – Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce today applauded new, bipartisan legislation to address the issue. The bipartisan Trade Security Act would raise the bar for any so-called Section 232 tariffs to be imposed on national security grounds. Specifically, the bill would tighten the definition of national security, ask the Department of Defense to assess national security risk, and give Congress a greater say over this class of tariffs.

Freedom Partners Executive Vice President Nathan Nascimento issued the following statement:

“Tariffs are taxes on the American people. They undermine job growth in an economy strengthened by the Trump administration’s tax reform and removal of regulatory barriers. We welcome this legislation because it would make it harder to impose self-destructive tariffs consistent with the authority our Founding Fathers intended for Congress. Consumer tax hikes should not be imposed unilaterally by the president under any administration. This bill is a small, but encouraging, step in that direction.

Trade Principles:

  • Individuals, businesses, and countries should be free to engage in the voluntary exchange of goods and services, which improves lives by growing the economy, increasing pay checks, and creating new and better jobs.
  • Individuals and businesses in a competitive market, not government bureaucrats or politicians, should guide trade decisions.
  • Punitive measures such as tariffs and quotas harm most consumers, workers, and businesses and should be eliminated.
  • Subsidies and other forms of government supports for powerful and politically connected businesses and industries do not create value. They punish consumers, insulate businesses from market competition, and should be eliminated.
  • Trade disputes should be resolved through existing international trade agreements and organizations.
  • While national security interests may be a consideration in trade policy, they should be used to restrict trade only when there is truly a narrow national security interest at stake, not as a work around to impose tariffs.


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