Feb 05, 2019

Freedom Partners Issues Statement Ahead of State of the Union Address

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, Va. – Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President James Davis issued the following statement on a number of issues the White House and news reports indicate the president will address tonight during the State of the Union address.

“President Trump has a unique opportunity tonight to rally lawmakers around a unifying agenda that breaks down the barriers preventing people from realizing their extraordinary potential.

“We know it’s possible,” said Davis.

“Just a few weeks ago, a broad coalition of lawmakers and the president came together to enact historic, criminal justice reform that is already helping people re-enter society as productive, law-abiding citizens.

“We are proud to have helped secure this legislation. It offers a model to tackle the biggest challenges facing our country.  We stand ready to unite lawmakers from across the political spectrum on similar efforts.”

Next Steps on Criminal Justice Reform

“The First Step Act is creating second chances for people like Matthew Charles and acting as a catalyst for states that haven’t yet reformed their criminal justice systems. As a next step, the administration must faithfully implement the new law and streamline the federal clemency process so that more nonviolent, first-time offenders like Alice Johnson get relief from overly harsh punishments,” said Davis.

“The administration should also continue working with Congress on smart-on-crime reforms that keep out of prison people who don’t belong there while putting those who are incarcerated on a path to succeed after they are released.”

Certainty for Dreamers

“The president and Congress must end the political stalemate that’s unjustly denying certainty for our nation’s Dreamers. A solution that has broad support is at hand, but only if lawmakers put people over politics. A workable path forward includes combining border security funding with permanent protection for Dreamers. We stand ready to work with anyone to get this done,” said Davis.


“It is essential that Congress no longer stand by as a passive observer on trade issues. Instead of providing the executive branch with even more unilateral power to impose tariffs, Congress should become a true partner by passing legislation to require congressional approval of tariff increases.” said Davis.

Infrastructure Done Right

“A modern, well-maintained infrastructure is essential to a strong economy. But any infrastructure spending proposals must protect America’s hardworking taxpayers from undue burdens, and ensure that any government spending achieves maximum benefits at the lowest possible costs,” said Davis.

“Federal infrastructure spending must target national priorities and be offset by savings in other areas. Congress should also remove unnecessary and duplicative regulatory barriers that drive up costs, delay projects, and reward special interests.”