Apr 08, 2014

Freedom Partners Launches Major Ad Campaign Highlighting Obamacare Hypocrisy

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, Va. – Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, Inc., a nonpartisan organization, today released a major seven figure ad buy highlighting the hypocrisy of lawmakers who claim they are standing up to health insurance companies, yet are accepting money from health insurance special interests and supporting Obamacare – a major boon to the health insurance industry. The nearly $1.1 million ad campaign will be running on television in Iowa and Colorado over the next three weeks, focusing on Congressman Bruce Braley and Senator Mark Udall.

The Obama administration worked hand-in-hand with health insurance companies when crafting the president’s healthcare law. This put health insurance companies in a position to reap massive profits, but left many Americans to deal with higher costs, a narrower network, canceled plans and the confusion and chaos of an unworkable law. Despite the campaign rhetoric implying Obamacare helped rein in bad actors in the health insurance industry, the facts suggest otherwise.  Under the new law, health insurance companies could stand to see the following benefits:

  • Millions of new customers forced to buy insurance under the threat of a penalty.
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies.
  • Nearly a billion dollars in federally funded advertising urging people to buy health insurance.
  • Built-in taxpayer bailouts if health insurance companies lose money.
  • New regulations and taxes that will drive smaller insurance companies out of the business and reduce competition that would otherwise keep costs down.

Click here to view the Bruce Braley ad.

Click here to view the Mark Udall ad.

James Davis, Freedom Partners’ Vice-President of Communications, issued the following statement on the ad buy:

“Obamacare supporters want to have it both ways. These professional politicians claim to be standing up against health insurance companies while pocketing money from their political action committees and company executives. It’s hypocritical – while health insurance companies stand to see massive financial gains from the healthcare law, the rest of America is left paying the bill. They had an opportunity to stand up against the health insurance special interests when it mattered, and they didn’t. Now, it’s time for them to stand with their constituents and stop supporting Obamacare.”

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