Apr 09, 2014

Freedom Partners Launches Second Wave Of Obamacare Hypocrisy Ads

Post by Freedom Partners


Arlington, Va. – Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, Inc. today released a second wave of ads highlighting the hypocrisy of lawmakers who claim they are standing up to health insurance companies, yet are accepting money from health insurance special interests and supporting Obamacare – a major boon to the health insurance industry. The nearly $2 million issue ad campaign will be running on television in Alaska, Louisiana and Michigan over the next three weeks, focusing on Senators Mark Begich and Mary Landrieu, as well as Congressman Gary Peters. This is an expansion of Freedom Partners’ $1.1 million issue ad campaign, which was launched earlier this week in Iowa and Colorado.

Click here to view the Mark Begich ad.

Click here to view the Mary Landrieu ad.

Click here to view the Gary Peters ad.

James Davis, Freedom Partners’ spokesman, issued the following statement on the ad buy:

“Despite their election year rhetoric, supporters of Obamacare have been misleading their constituents, and the rest of America. The hypocrisy couldn’t be clearer. How can these politicians say they’re standing up to health insurance companies, while partnering with them to pass Obamacare and taking their campaign cash? When big government and crony businesses work together, the American people lose big time, and Obamacare is a perfect example of this. It’s time for these elected officials to start listening to their constituents and stop supporting Obamacare.”

These issue ads aim to hold these lawmakers accountable by reminding constituents that they worked hand-in-hand with health insurance companies when crafting the president’s healthcare law. This put health insurance companies in a position to reap massive profits, but left many Americans to deal with higher costs, a narrower network, canceled plans and the confusion and chaos of an unworkable law. Despite the campaign rhetoric implying Obamacare helped rein in bad actors in the health insurance industry, the facts suggest otherwise. Under the new law, health insurance companies could stand to see the following benefits:

• Millions of new customers forced to buy insurance under the threat of a penalty.

• Built-in taxpayer bailouts if health insurance companies lose money.

• Hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies.

• New regulations and taxes that will drive smaller insurance companies out of the business and reduce competition that would otherwise keep costs down.

• Nearly a billion dollars in federally funded advertising urging people to buy health insurance.