Sep 13, 2017

Freedom Partners Opposes Any Tax Reform Provision That Stands in The Way of Lower Rates

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, VA – At an event today, while expressing support for comprehensive tax reform, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) also called for full and immediate expensing, a $2 trillion provision that would prevent Congress from lowering corporate rates significantly further across the board in any reform package.

Freedom Partners vice president of policy Nathan Nascimento issued the following statement:

“We agree with Sen. Ted Cruz that Washington has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to unrig the tax code and make it simpler, fairer, and more competitive with the rest of the world. That means eliminating as many carve outs as possible and lowering rates as low as they can go. We oppose any provision that stands in the way of lower rates – including full and immediate expensing – because it would undermine our competitiveness and jeopardize the jobs and economic growth we’d otherwise achieve. The Trump administration has put forth a positive vision for tax reform that would unleash America’s competitiveness and jumpstart the economy. We urge Congress to follow their lead.”