Mar 03, 2016

Freedom Partners Releases 2016 Obamacare Deductible Increase Tracker

Post by Derek Yale

Arlington, VA – Today Freedom Partners is releasing the 2016 Obamacare Deductible Increase Tracker, a comprehensive look at the skyrocketing deductibles under the Affordable Care Act. Combined with increasing premiums, regulations and taxes, these deductibles represent yet another major hit on the bank accounts of hardworking taxpayers.

The tracker data reflects a weighted-average of current Affordable Care Act plan deductibles in all 50 states. The analysis shows that average deductibles across Bronze, Silver and Gold plans obtained through the Affordable Care Act’s exchanges increased by $265, or 8.4 percent, with some state increases surging over $1,000.

In total, 41 states saw average deductibles increase, with 17 states—representing over half of total exchange enrollment—seeing double-digit spikes. The largest increases were in Mississippi (39 percent), Washington (31 percent), South Carolina (26 percent), Louisiana (24 percent), Florida (23 percent), Minnesota and Vermont (22 percent), Arizona (21 percent), and North Carolina (20 percent).

Freedom Partners Senior Policy Adviser Nathan Nascimento issued the following statement:

“Higher Obamacare deductibles increase, by hundreds of dollars, what families must pay out of pocket to access their health insurance. Instead of reducing costs, Obamacare regulations and mandates continue to drive up these costs and make quality care less accessible for hardworking families.”

Earlier this year Freedom Partners released the 2016 Obama Premium Increase Tracker, which found premiums for individual health plans had increased in 49 of 50 states by an average of 14.9 percent under Obamacare this year. These premiums add hundreds or thousands of dollars to the annual cost of health insurance.