Jan 11, 2016

Freedom Partners Releases 2016 Obamacare Premium Increase Tracker

Post by Derek Yale

Arlington, VA — Freedom Partners today is releasing the 2016 Obamacare Premium Increase Tracker, a comprehensive data set of the health care premiums in all 50 states under Obamacare this year.

Supporters of the law sold the Affordable Care Act to the American people under the guise that it would make health care more affordable, but the reality is that prices are increasing and quality care is only getting further out of reach of those who need it most.

The increases in the data reflect the average premium increases in 2016 on the individual marketplace. Premiums rose in all but one state – Mississippi – and in most states, health insurance premiums are rising by double digits. Seventeen states will face premium increases of 20 percent or more.

Click Here To View 2016 Obamacare Premium Increase Tracker.

Freedom Partners Senior Policy Adviser Nathan Nascimento issued the following statement: 

“‘You can keep your plan’ turned out not to be true, and it turns out that the ‘Obamacare will make health care affordable’ promise is no different. Our data are conclusive: The Affordable Care Act has driven up costs across the board, with people in 49 states seeing premium increases on the individual market this year. President Obama has chosen to look the other way, but the millions of Americans being crushed by the costs of Obamacare don’t have the same luxury.”