Mar 01, 2018

Freedom Partners Statement: Obamacare Bailouts Won’t Lower Health Care Costs

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, VA – Freedom Partners Executive Vice President Nathan Nascimento responded today to reports of Congressional proposals to use deceptive budget gimmicks to hide the true cost of billions of taxpayer dollars that would be used to subsidize Obamacare insurers:

“Using taxpayer dollars to prop up insurance companies does nothing to provide the much-needed relief of lower health care costs for millions of patients across the country. What’s worse, Congress is considering using a budget gimmick designed to mislead Americans about the true cost of these subsidies, presenting a false impression that billions of dollars in bailouts costs taxpayers nothing.

“The extension of short-term plans recently proposed by the White House, which would be half to a third of the cost of plans available on the exchange, is the right approach to reducing costs. And going a step further to make these plans renewable would give patients another more affordable option for care that better meets their needs. More choice and competition will do far more to stabilize the market and lower costs for people than continuing to throw more good taxpayer money after bad.

“If Congress truly wants to lower costs for health care, they’ll continue working to remove barriers to competition and strip away the burdensome mandates and regulations that drive them up for millions of Americans.”

This morning, The Hill, reported, “Under the possible plan, the House Budget Committee would direct the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to take ObamaCare payments to … out of its ‘baseline’ for projecting federal spending. Essentially, the agency would stop assuming that the ObamaCare payments would be made. … While the process would be complex, the end result would be simple: It would allow Republicans to fund the ObamaCare payments without having to find a budget offset to pay for them.”