Dec 16, 2015

Freedom Partners Statement on Omnibus Deal and Tax Extenders

Post by Derek Yale

Arlington, VA — Congress on Tuesday reached agreement on a $1.1 trillion spending package to keep the federal government funded until October 2016. On Friday, the House will vote on the spending bill, which will increase government spending levels far beyond the limits established by the Budget Control Act of 2011.

Congress is also expected to vote on a tax extender package by the end of the week. While Freedom Partners supports eliminating all market-distorting subsidies in favor of real tax reform, this legislation contains important free speech protections for all Americans.

Freedom Partners Policy Advisor Andy Koenig issued the following statement: 

“Americans deserve better than another trillion-dollar spending bill thrown together at the last minute. This omnibus spending bill also fails to block a number of harmful administration policies that will waste taxpayer dollars and limit opportunity for hardworking Americans. We need to end what’s become business-as-usual in Washington and return to regular order, where legislation is debated transparently — not haphazardly lumped into an end-of-year catch-all on the backs of taxpayers.

“While the tax extenders package is a symptom of a broken tax system in need of a massive overhaul to eliminate market-distorting credits, we applaud the inclusion of important free speech protections contained in this bill. Freedom of speech and the ability to challenge the status quo is vital not only to our free society, but also our nation’s marketplace. Innovation and discovery are stifled without a free flow of ideas. Congress must continue seeking opportunities to protect our right to free speech from government overreach.”