Jan 18, 2018

Freedom Partners Thanks Vice President Pence for His Continued Support for Right to Try

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, VA – Freedom Partners, a non-profit, non-partisan chamber of commerce that promotes the benefits of a free and open society, issued the following statement in response to Vice President Pence’s continued support for Right to Try legislation.

Federal Right to Try legislation would work with the FDA’s approval process to allow terminally ill patients the ability to access potentially life-saving treatment and medication after it is determined that it is safe. The bipartisan legislation awaits passage by the House Energy and Commerce Committee – chaired by Representative Greg Walden – before it can advance to full vote in the House, where it would likely pass with overwhelming bipartisan support. It already passed the Senate last year in a rare show of bipartisanship with unanimous consent.

Freedom Partners executive vice president Nathan Nascimento issued the following statement:

“Vice President Pence is absolutely right to continue beating the drums in support for Right to Try legislation. Congress could deliver real hope to millions of terminally ill Americans who are desperately looking for potentially life-saving treatment that is just out of their reach by acting on this bipartisan and common-sense measure that could make all the difference. We join with the Vice President in saying: ‘let’s get this done.’”

Earlier this month, Freedom Partners, in conjunction with Americans for Prosperity, sent a letter to Rep. Greg Walden, chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, urging him to act on Right to Try. The letter came on the heels of a web video and digital ads urging Congress to act on federal Right to Try legislation. And just last week, Freedom Partners issued a MEMO in response to concerns that federal Right to Try legislation would provide terminally ill patients with “false hope” and could “interfere” with state Right to Try legislation.