Aug 14, 2014

Freedom Partners to Hold Ineffective Sen. Merkley Accountable with Second TV Ad

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, Va. – Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce today is announcing a new six-figure ad-buy in Oregon this week as part of its ongoing effort to hold Sen. Jeff Merkley accountable for his record.  The ad, entitled “Get to Work for Oregon,” focuses on the Senator’s ineffectiveness in Washington by highlighting his failure to address rising health care costs and noting he was only able to author and pass one bill into law as a senator.


Freedom Partners spokesman James Davis issued the following statement on the ad buy:

“What does Sen. Merkley have to show for his time in Washington?  Passing just one of his bills into law over a six year period shows he isn’t interested in being a leader or delivering real solutions.  He voted for Obamacare, and as a result, Oregon saw the highest health care premium increases on the West Coast.  And, in the aftermath of Oregon’s abysmal and expensive Obamacare rollout, instead of working to fix it, Merkley pointed fingers.  Oregon families deserve more than partisan rhetoric; they deserve action.  It’s time for Sen. Merkley to start putting Oregon first and keep his promises to fix Obamacare.”

This week, Freedom Partners is highlighting Merkley’s failure to deliver on his promise of affordable health care.  In fact, premiums in Oregon last year rose to the highest levels on the West Coast, and additional increases are expected across the country in 2015.  While he claims to be fixing these problems and fighting for the people of Oregon, Merkley has nearly no legislation to his name.  In fact, he has passed only one bill into law during his six years in Washington.

The new TV spot is a continuation of an ongoing effort by Freedom Partners that began last week with an ad calling Sen. Merkley out on his spending record.  On Merkley’s watch, the national debt has skyrocketed to all-time highs, increasing by approximately $7 trillion.  Despite multiple opportunities to put the brakes on wasteful Washington spending, time and time again Merkley voted against balancing the nation’s budget.  He even voted six times to increase the debt ceiling.

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