Nov 27, 2018

ICYMI: Koch Network Groups Urge Presidents Trump, Xi to End Tariffs at G-20 Meeting

Post by Freedom Partners

“There is great urgency for the United States and China to come together and reach an agreement to eliminate tariffs and protectionist trade policies. The continued escalation of tariffs has come at significant cost to the global economy. It has harmed businesses, farmers, consumers, workers, and families worldwide, inflicting higher costs, lost jobs, and uncertainty. … Trade creates millions of jobs and provides affordable prices for goods and services, giving consumers and their families in the United States and China an opportunity to succeed and thrive. We urge you, as two powerful leaders, to meet the challenge of global leadership.” – Freedom Partners, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), and the LIBRE Initiative in a Nov. 14 letter to President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping urging the two leaders to come together and eliminate tariffs and trade barriers for the benefit of both nations at the upcoming G-20 meeting.

Inside “A group of Koch network organizations is urging President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping to reach a deal to eliminate tariffs when the two leaders meet at the G20 summit later this month.”

The Washington Times: “The heads of Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Partners and the LIBRE Initiative said there is ‘great urgency’ to make a deal to end what they called ‘protectionist trade policies.’ … ‘Both countries should eliminate tariffs, subsidies, quotas, and other barriers to trade that distort markets and erect unnecessary barriers to mutually beneficial commerce and voluntary exchange,’ they wrote. ‘China should work with the United States to further open markets and lower barriers to trade by adopting reasonable measures to end intellectual property theft and forced technology transfers, and curtail state-owned enterprises.’”

Fox Business News: “… What’s happening right now is hurting both countries and I’ve traveled this country. American farmers are hurting. A lot of American businesses are paying higher steel prices already and we’re seeing markets shrink overseas, especially, obviously, in China for a lot of our American businesses and farmers.” – Tim Phillips, President, Americans for Prosperity.

Global Trade Magazine: “In a letter addressed to President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, tariffs remained the priority topic for Freedom Partners, American for Prosperity, and The Libre Initiative. The three joined efforts to speak out regarding the trade war. The letter consisted of a plea from the trio asking that the two reach a compromise and utilize the G20 session as an opportunity to make a change in the current tariff situations and alleviate global tension. The group noted that both parties seem ‘open to negotiations to drop tariffs’ that will benefit everyone and the upcoming session provides a source of encouragement. The importance of employment opportunities and affordable goods and services were also key points mentioned to back up the plea.”

NBC “The Koch Network is launching a multi-million dollar effort to pressure the lame duck Congress to pass their legislative priorities before the end of the year, including criminal justice reform, relief for DACA recipients and free trade. … ‘We see an opportunity to engage the American people to address some of the toughest problems facing our country: a broken criminal justice system, an immigration system that prevents good people from contributing, eliminating cronyism and promoting open trade,’ [Koch Network spokesman James] Davis said.”