Jun 15, 2018

New Digital Ad Urges Sen. Durbin to Back FIRST STEP Act

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, VA — Freedom Partners announced today that it has launched a new digital ad campaign encouraging Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) to support the FIRST STEP Act, prison reform legislation that passed the House 360-59 last month.

The brief ad drives audiences to PassFirstStepDurbin.com, where they can urge the senator to support the bill by sending him an email with a couple of clicks. The ad will be targeted to audiences in Illinois and on Capitol Hill via Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Sen. Durbin has criticized the FIRST STEP Act for not containing sentencing reforms. Yet at the same time, the senator has championed programs that reduce recidivism and give people a second chance — the very things that the FIRST STEP Act does. With no viable path for sentencing reform right now, Sen. Durbin should get behind FIRST STEP, which could help many of the roughly 5,000 people currently incarcerated in Illinois’ federal prisons.

“Senator Durbin has been a champion for the types of reforms included the FIRST STEP Act that would reduce recidivism, make our communities safer and give people a second chance,” said Freedom Partners Chairman Mark Holden. “Senator Durbin should seize the opportunity he has right now to pass a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill that protects Illinois’ taxpayers and helps hundreds of thousands of people rebuild their lives and reunite with their families.”

The new ad is part of a larger six-figure campaign that Freedom Partners launched earlier this week urging Sen. Durbin and 16 other senators to support the bill. Previously, Freedom Partners ran a digital ad campaign encouraging House lawmakers to support the bill and following the House vote, Freedom Partners ran ads thanking a bipartisan group of members who voted in favor of it, including Rep. Brad Schneider (D-IL).