Aug 03, 2018

Statement on Potential Addition of Sentencing Provisions to FIRST STEP Act

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, Va — Today, Freedom Partners Chairman Mark Holden issued the following statement on new developments to the FIRST STEP Act, bipartisan legislation that passed the House overwhelmingly in May.

“We thank President Trump for his leadership to ensure that meaningful criminal justice reform happens this year.


“We fully support the FIRST STEP Act, but we have also long supported smart-on-crime sentencing reforms that protect public safety and give judges the discretion to ensure that the punishment fits the crime for non-violent, low-level, and first-time offenders.


“Given the broad bipartisan support for sentencing reform in Congress, we see no reason it can’t be passed this year. But if not, we’d urge lawmakers to pass prison reform and re-visit sentencing reform as soon as possible.”