May 31, 2018

VIDEO: New Steel Tariffs Hurt American Consumers, Workers and Companies, Says Freedom Partners

Post by Freedom Partners

Arlington, VA – Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce today said new tariffs on steel and aluminum announced by the Trump administration will harm Americans and are a step back from a pro-growth agenda. Freedom Partners Executive Vice President and Koch Network spokesman James Davis issued the following video message.

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“The economy is stronger today than it’s been in decades. We’ve seen tremendous economic growth. New investments by businesses in the American economy. We’ve seen higher wages. We’ve seen employee bonuses. We’ve seen new job creation. And that is all from smart economic policies that the Trump administration has put forward, that’s in the form of tax reform and the removal of regulatory burdens.

“We don’t believe that we can undermine that by putting forward these harmful tariffs. That’s exactly what they do though. They actually hurt the American people the most. They cripple small businesses. They create uncertainty for businesses overall. And the American consumer [is] paying this in the form of taxes. This is not something that the American economy can afford amidst this tremendous opportunity for growth. So we urge the Trump administration to abandon these harmful tariffs and come back to the smart policies that have helped us gain tremendous progress and grow this economy.”

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