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Apr 28, 2015

Holding Free Trade Hostage to Corporate Welfare is Washington at its Worst

Arlington, VA – Media reports suggested Monday that Senator Maria Cantwell (D-WA) may attempt to sink the trade promotion authority (TPA) “fast track” bill by linking it to a five-year reauthorization…

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Apr 24, 2015

Momentum Grows To Let Ex-Im Expire

“I Don’t Believe That Taxpayer Money Should Be Used As Corporate Welfare” – Sen. Marco Rubio, 4/23/15 Arlington, VA – As the Ex-Im Bank “fights for its life” on day…

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Apr 23, 2015

Why Does A Company That Spent $69 Million On Lobbying Since 2012 Need Taxpayer Assistance? They Don’t.

Arlington, VA – The House Financial Services Committee reported Thursday that the Chairman and CEO of Boeing—the largest beneficiary of the Ex-Im Bank—has declined to appear at a hearing to…

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Apr 21, 2015

Freedom Partners Joins 50+ Organizations Calling On Congress To End The Export-Import Bank

Arlington, VA – Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, a free-market nonprofit organization, today joined more than 50 organizations calling on Congress to take a stand against corporate welfare and end the Export…

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Apr 21, 2015

50+ Organizations Sign Letter Opposing The Export-Import Bank

A coalition of more than 50 organizations Tuesday signed a letter urging Congress not to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank. The signatories—including Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, Americans for Prosperity, and…

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Apr 17, 2015

Separating Fact From Fiction On The Export-Import Bank And Private Financing

What They Want You To Believe Ex-Im Bank Chair: “Ex-Im Fills The Gaps When The Private Sector Is Unable” Chairman Fred Hochberg: “First, Ex-Im fills the gaps when the…

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Apr 16, 2015

Fred Hochberg On President Obama’s “Fund For Corporate Welfare” Quote

Shot: In 2008, while campaigning to become President of the United States, then-Senator Barack Obama called the Export-Import Bank “little more than a fund for corporate welfare.” Chaser: Representative Jim…

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Apr 15, 2015

Freedom Partners Launches New Web Ad Featuring Hillary Clinton’s Support For The Export-Import Bank

Arlington, VA – Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, a free-market nonprofit organization, today released a new web ad contrasting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s longtime support for the Export-Import Bank…

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Apr 13, 2015

10 Facts About The Export-Import Bank

Arlington, VA – On Wednesday at 10:00AM, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Jeb Hensarling will hold a joint hearing on the Export-Import Bank. The Export-Import Bank is a federal agency…

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Apr 10, 2015

Lindsey Graham: Communist Dictatorships Have Export-Import Banks–And We Should, Too!

SHOT: Senator Lindsey Graham Believes That Republicans Who Oppose Reauthorizing The Export-Import Bank Have Lost Their Way As Conservatives. “South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham says his Republican colleagues who don’t…

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